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Terms and Conditions apply to your use of our website that post a link to these Terms and Conditions and that are provided by 2020 IVSC-WAVO Global Conference.

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Article 1: Purpose
  1. This agreement is for the purpose of setting forth the details regarding the web-site Terms and
  2. Conditions and procedure of 2020 IVSC-WAVO Global Conference (hereafter "Conference") is provided
  3. Korea Association of Property Appraisers (hereafter "KAPA").
Article 2: Definition
The definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows:
  • 1) User : A person entering website and using Services that website provides
Article 3: Occurrence and change of effect
  • 1) This agreement takes effect when KAPA publish the information on the web-site and a user agree about that.
  • 2) KAPA may amend this Agreement within a reasonable range that does not violate the relevant laws and regulations. KAPA shall announce the detailed revised content on the web-site.
  • 3) Following a clause 2, the revised agreement will also apply equally users agreed in previous revisions. A user have objections to the revised agreement can be canceled at any time by leaving the website.
Article 4: Application of the Provisions
An unspecified substance in this agreement is subject to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.
Article 5: Obligation of Service Provider
KAPA is committed to protecting your personal information, including user registration information in accordance with the conditions as prescribed by relevant laws and regulations. As for the personal information protection are subject to the relevant laws and regulations. However, if a governmental organization, it will not apply if there is a request by the procedures specified in either the purpose or any other relevant laws and regulations on the investigation into the crime.
Article 6: Obligation of User
User must not conduct the following when using the service.
  • 1) Replication and published of information or the act of providing to a third party that is obtained service.
  • 2) An act that violates the copyright of Association and third parties
  • 3) Actions to disseminate information, in violation of the public order and breezy
  • 4) Criminal acts that objectively judge
  • 5) Other acts in violation of the relevant laws
Article 7: Service information
    • 1) Conference web-site services information is as below.
    1. 1. 2020 IVSC-WAVO Conference: Invitation, Introduction, Sponsors.
    2. 2. Program: Conference Program, Keynote & Session Speakers.
    3. 3. Call for Papers: Call for Papers.
    4. 4. Registration: Registration, Confirmation of Registration.
    5. 5. Information: Official Accommodation, Transportation, Travel Seoul, City Tour, Technical Tour.
    • 2) Service information for the user can be determined and changed by the "KAPA".
Article 9: Stopping the service provider
If the contents of the following may stop service provider.
  1. 1. If unavoidable due to the maintenance of services such as construction equipment
  2. 2. If the operators would stop the telecommunication Services
  3. 3. If the system checks necessary
  4. 4. If there is reasons of an irresistible force
Article 10: Exemption clause
  • 1) KAPA is not responsible for such information and materials obtained by using the services
  • 2) KAPA is not responsible for user’s information, material, reliability and accuracy of fact, etc.
Article 11: Competent court
If the case occurs, the court having jurisdiction in the exclusive jurisdiction of the Association, headquartered in court.
※ Additional clause
This agreement is implemented from Oct 24th 2019.